Benvenuto, London Italian  Lovers!!!!
Want to speak the Italian Language with other “appassionati” della Bella Lingua? Make new friends and network with native and non-native Italian speakers?

You’ve come to the right Meetup part of  WECL.

The London Italian Lovers Meetup group offers you that opportunity.

We schedule a variety of events in London that provide our “soci” with the opportunity to speak Italian at beginner, intermediate or higher level, meet other Italians and Italian culture lovers and participate in Italian cultural, recreational and language events throughout London.

We have a fixed, monthly meetups at Vapiano London in Great Portland Street –Oxford Circus., and usually schedule an additional 2-4 events during the month.

Here’s a selection of events we will plan:

• Da Mangiare e Bere” feste (pot-luck buffets)

• “Pizze Fatte Da Noi” feste (homemade pizza)

• “Cena e Cinema” (dinner & a movie)

• Ora Felice dopo Lavoro (Happy Hour after work)

• La Grigliata dagli Amici Italiani (BBQs)

• “Mangiamo Insieme” (fixed price Italian restaurant dining)

• Italian Film Festivals

• Wine Tastings

• Italian Languages Classes  all Levels

.• Italian Cookery Classes

* Italian Holidays 

We also post activities that other London -Italian groups are organizing and keep an eye out for Italian cultural events that would enable conversation in Italian.I invite you to join the London Italian Lovers Meetup and look forward to meeting you at one of our events